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US Faculty - How can the librarian help you?: Home


As the Upper School Librarian, I'm here to support you, your teaching, and your students in a variety of ways.

Explore this guide to learn about some of the ways we can work together. 

Want to chat about any of this or about your latest read? Come by the library!

-Hannah King, Librarian


I can curate a LibGuide with information and library resources relevant to your class or subject area. See a few examples of our LibGuides below:

By the way - this page is a LibGuide! They're a flexible tool that can be customized to the needs of your class, project, or subject. 

Using the library space

The library space is here for your class to use! The raised seating area by the windows is a great spot for read alouds, presentations, or group work. You can bring classes to explore the library or check out books. 

Send me an email to schedule a time for your class to use the library space.

Upper School Librarian

Information Literacy Instruction

  • Loop me in on projects you're thinking of doing with students and I can help scaffold relevant information literacy instruction
  • I'm available to teach sessions to your classes on any information-related topic (citations, media literacy, research skills, information ethics/copyright)
  • Reach out to me to schedule time for individuals or small-groups to get research help in the library 

Zotero (citation management software)

Zotero is a great tool to help with research organization and academic honesty. It allows you to quickly grab citations while you research, organize your sources by project, and easily create references and bibliographies in any citation style (via Microsoft Word and Google Docs integrations). 

It's an easy to learn, free, open source software recommended by many college libraries. 

I use Zotero in my own research, so I'd be happy to teach you or your students to use the tool. 

Citation guides

Use these citation guides to support students. Feel free to share them!

I'm happy to work with students (individually or as a class) to provide additional support. 

Frequently used databases


Stop by the library to check out books from our collection. We have adult books (not just books for students)! We're always happy to show you how to use the self checkout station

Search our library catalog:

Book or resource requests

Shoot me an email or stop by the library if there's a book or resource you'd like to have for personal or in-class use. We'll figure out a way to help you get access to the resources you want or need. 

A few new titles in the library collection

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Two friends--often in love, but never lovers--come together as creative partners in the world of video game design, where success brings them fame, joy, tragedy, duplicity, and, ultimately, a kind of immortality.

The Candy House

The Candy House opens with the staggeringly brilliant Bix Bouton, whose company, Mandala, is so successful that he is "one of those tech demi-gods with whom we're all on a first name basis." Bix is desperate for a new idea, when he stumbles into a conversation group, one of whom is experimenting with downloading or "externalizing" memory. Within a decade, Bix's new technology, "Own Your Unconscious"--which allows you access to every memory you've ever had, and to share your memories in exchange for access to the memories of others--has seduced multitudes.


A discarded painting in a junk pile, a skeleton in an attic, and the greatest racehorse in American history: from these strands, a Pulitzer Prize winner braids a sweeping story of spirit, obsession, and injustice across American history.

The Daughter of Doctor Moreau

Carlota Moreau: A young woman growing up on a distant and luxuriant estate, safe from the conflict and strife of the Yucatán peninsula. The only daughter of a researcher who is either a genius or a madman. The Daughter of Doctor Moreau is both a dazzling historical novel and a daring science fiction journey.


From Paul Holes, the detective who found the Golden State Killer, Unmasked is a memoir of a life oftentimes darker and more fascinating than fiction.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold

In a small back alley of Tokyo, there is a café that has been serving carefully brewed coffee for more than one hundred years. Local legend says that this shop offers something else besides coffee--the chance to travel back in time. Over the course of one summer, four customers visit the café in the hopes of making that journey. But time travel isn't so simple, and there are rules that must be followed. Most important, the trip can last only as long as it takes for the coffee to get cold.

Lessons in Chemistry

Meet Elizabeth Zott: a scientist in 1960s California whose career takes a detour when she becomes the unlikely star of a beloved TV cooking show. Elizabeth's unusual approach to cooking proves revolutionary. But as her following grows, not everyone is happy. Because as it turns out, Elizabeth Zott isn't just teaching women to cook. She's daring them to change the status quo.