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7th Grade Research: PIE Project

Your source for research information for 7th Grade

Research in Context

Encyclopedia Britannica


Topic help

Need help finding a topic for your
project/experiment? Check out these sites

Tips for Google Searching

  • Think about your search, what do you really need/want to know? Narrow it down. 
  • Open your results, don't just skim the snippets that appear. Check for an author and a date. Use Contol + F or Command + F to search within the article you open to find your search terms. 
  • Use advanced search options, limit by time, date, file type, language, exact phrases
  • Try these:
  • Try another search engine: Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask.com

Search Term Success

Website versus database

Click the image below to understand the difference
between a website and a database

Boolean operators

Two videos explain performing better searches by
using Boolean parameters. Also, click the link
below to practice using the parameters on real
searches in an easy visual way. 

Passwords -- Remember

All of our databases are IP authenticated for on campus use.  

When using the databases from home you will need a password. 

For access to database passwords click here.