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Summer Reading 2024 -- Middle School: Home

On this Summer Reading Libguide, you will find:

  • Required reading for English by grade level 

  • Recommendations from me which I have categorized into 5th-6th grade and 7th-9th grade, and by genre (example: mystery, historical fiction, graphic novel, nonfiction) 

  • Award winners from the American Library Association and state of CT, which are listed by award with a description

*Although this resource is primarily for our rising 5th-8th graders, this year I wanted to make sure our rising 9th-grade students had enough recommendations so I added books in the Young Adult and Teen area to the libguide. Where needed I have noted that these books are such and make not be developmentally appropriate for younger students. If you have a question about a particular book please feel free to reach out to me or use some of my favorite review sources:  Common Sense Media, Goodreads, and Amazon.

I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Reach out with any questions OR recommendations (my summer reading list is stacked, but I am always interested in adding more),

Mrs. Myles (Middle School Librarian)