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STEM Scholars: Online Resources


Science databases

Science databases

Linked below are a few great databases to search for scientific articles. 

You can find even more databases on our A-Z Database List

General Academic Databases

General academic databases

These databases cover a broad range of disciplines, including STEM subjects

EBSCO Discovery Catalog

Search all the library's online resources here

Science on the Web

STEM resources on the web

Though most science research articles are copyrighted and therefore not available on the open web, you can still find some valuable information on the web.

Google's Dataset Search is a search engine for datasets. Using a simple keyword search, users can discover datasets hosted in thousands of repositories across the web.

Science News offers readable and credible science articles on a wide variety of subjects. Most of the site is full text and requires neither subscription nor registration.

New York TimesThe New York Times has a science section which offers authoritative and readable articles on the latest news in science. The Times is a great source for overviews of science and technology current events and a great place to look for potential research topics.