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Science in Literature: Home

All of our databases are IP authenticated for on campus use.  

When using the databases from home you will need a password. 

For access to database passwords click here. 

Science of Happiness

Linked below are a few great databases to start your search for scientific articles. 

You can find even more databases on our A-Z Database List


The databases below provide access to thousands of newspapers and other media. 

Try limiting your search by date to find articles from a certain time period. 

New York Times

In addition to the news outlets available through the databases above, St. Luke's students have access to a NYTimes subscription. If you haven't activated your subscription yet, click the image below to go through the steps to activate. 

Once activated, you can search the NYTimes archives here.

Other Long-form Journalism Sources

You can access many other long-form news sources (the Economist, the Guardian, the Atlantic) through the SLS EBSCO Discovery catalog. You're always welcome to stop by the library to get help searching within a certain publication. 

EBSCO Discovery Service
Limit Your Results

MLA Citation

Due to the rapidly expanding number of digital sources and formats, MLA has moved away from citation formats for specific source types (e.g., a book, a magazine article, a web page, etc.).

MLA requires writers to identify sources based on nine properties, or Core ElementsThe idea is that these nine features are common across different platforms and can be combined to identify any source type that you might run across.

The writer's job is to identify these elements and use them to create citations. 

Note that many sources do not have all of the nine core elements while many online resources.

Here is how the following web page article: Introducing Your New Cat to Other Pets can be broken down into its core elements:

Here's how to break down the Core Elements of the following article, "Burr Conspiracy", from the Encyclopedia of the New American Nation in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Note that the encyclopedia is a container which is housed in a larger container, the Gale Virtual Reference Library:

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