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5th Grade Library: Poetry

April is National Poetry Month

Spoken Word

Poetry Activities

Visualizing Poems

Found Poetry

Found poetry can be anywhere! Magazines, cereal boxes, news headlines, fortune cookies, graffiti, and book spines. Check out some found poetry below and do your own image search on Google or Pinterest. 

Mrs. Juran's Spine Poem





Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry is made by finding meaning in words that are already on the page. The poet blacks out the words around the "found" words to create a poem. 

Poets.org for Kids

Poetryfoundation.org for Kids

Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein is one of the most famous children's poets of all time. Visit his website where he performs several of his poems!

Georgia Heard - our upcoming visiting poet!

Nikki Grimes

Poetry4kids - Kenn Nesbitt

Poetry for Every Subject

Novels in Verse

Novels in verse are novel-length narratives written in poetry rather than prose (typical book format). Just like in a novel, there are usually multiple characters, several voices, dialogue, and action. Here are some verse novels in the SLS library.

A few of the Poetry Books in the SLS Library