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5th Grade Library: Simple Machines

Encyclopedia Britannica


Note: To access this information from home you need:

 username: stlukes 

password: newcanaan

This article from the Encyclopedia Britannica database explains a lot about Simple Machines and their history. 

This video is also in the article


Gale Elementary Database

Do a search for simple machines in Gale Infobits above to get magazine and book articles, pictures, and videos.

Do a search for Simple Machines in the Gale Middle School database.


Click here or the picture below for a fabulous introductory article. 

History of Simple Machines

View this Prezi (interactive presentation) on the History of Simple Machines by Amanda Roth


Simple Machines - History and How They Work


Classroom Video on Demand

These three videos are from our video database. They are about simple machines and also how they combine to make complex machines. You will need to log in 

username: stlukessch and password: storm 

The first video is about the Lever, Wheel and Axle, Pulley 

The second video is about the Inclined Plane, Wedge, and Screw

The third video is about Energy and Work, and how the 6 Simple Machines are used


Here is an article from Wonderopolis about simple machines, filled with explanations, pictures, and a video. 

Live Science

An article in Live Science explains simple machines and their history.