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Modern World History: Primary Source Sites

Passwords -- Remember

All of our databases are IP authenticated for on campus use.  

When using the databases from home you will need a password. 

For access to database passwords click here. 

Watch for more Primary Source sites -- and PLEASE ASK FOR HELP if you are having trouble!

National Archives -- UK

Search this site -- think carefully about your search terms

Suffrage -- Suffragette -- WSPU

Salt March?  Salt ?  

Work to get your key words by doing some PRESEARCH -- learn enough about your topic so that you know what the Scholars call it!

VIdeo Clips

Log in to this site (Infobase log-in on password doc) and search for your subject.  There are many vintage film clips!



Check the NYTimes

You can have your own subscription to the NYTimes!  This will allow you to search the archives from 1875!!

Click on the photo above and use your SLS email address to establish your account. You will be sent a verification email which will allow you to log in.  

Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America provides public access to digital holdings in order to create a large-scale public digital library. 

Newsbank -- World Newspapers

Internet Archive

Full of sources -- film clips -- audio recordings -- books -- promotional materials.

Commercial Image Sites

While some of these images require purchase -- they can be right clicked and saved -- and are fine to use for educational purposes.


Getty Images

AP Historical Images

The Library of Congress

The LARGEST LIBRARY IN THE WORLD,  full of primary sources.  


More Newspapers

The Listed newspapers are available below:

researchIT CT Newsstream (search all newspapers provided by ProQuest)*

Chicago Tribune (1985-present) (provided by ProQuest)

CT Digital Newspaper Project (includes 14 historic CT newspapers)

Hartford Courant (1992-present) (provided by ProQuest)*

Hartford Courant – Historical (1764-1922) (provided by ProQuest)*

Historical Newspapers of Connecticut (19th Century) (provided by the CT State Library)

Los Angeles Times (1985-present) (provided by ProQuest)*

Newspaper Source Plus (search all newspapers provided by EBSCO)*

New York Times (1985-present) (provided by ProQuest)*

U.S. Major Dailies (provided by ProQuest — does not include Hartford Courant)*

Wall Street Journal (1984-present) (provided by ProQuest)*

Washington Post (1987-present) (provided by ProQuest)*